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Welcome to Our Company!

Ensuring smooth and affordable transaction for the high quality automobile brake parts, has always been the aim of Shalimar Precision Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. We are placed among the established 'auto parts exporter' and suppliers, who emphasize on delivering the avant-garde Auto Electricals Parts for light as well as heavy vehicles.

We started business in 1987, and today we are a prestigious name in the international market, exporting Automobile Brake Parts, and various Auto Electricals Parts in more than 35 countries. The maximum export percentage is acquired through the markets of Africa, Europe, Latin America and Middle East. Today, Shalimar Precision Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. has a database of more than 10,000 auto components for all types of American, Japanese, and European vehicles.

The product range includes Auto Electricals Parts, Automotive Lights, Bolts And Nuts, Automobile Brake Parts, Cables, Chassis Parts, Engine Parts, Gears, Mounting & Rubber Parts, Oil Seals, Steering & Suspension Parts, and many others. Owing to this vast range, we are considered as the first choice 'auto parts exporter' in the commercial vehicle aftermarket. The procedures & technology mechanism followed in our company has earned us the unique expertise in the domain of Tractors, Trailers, Trucks, Light Commercial Vehicles & Cars for a number of global makes.